Margaret L.

AlphaDog is a 5-star facility with 5-star staff and 5-star management, and that much is apparent when things are running smoothly. However, I think you can tell more about a business by looking into how they handle it when things go wrong. This is a story about exceptional customer service in the face of little mini-crisis regarding my 4-yr old pupper, Luna.

I brought Luna to AlphaDog for a weekend of boarding- I travel frequently and wanted to give my default puppy sitters (hi, parents) a break. I did my research and chose AlphaDog for a number of reasons, reputation and facility among them.
So, I drop Luna off on a Friday morning and watch from behind a window as she tentatively joins the pack of dogs playing happily in one of the many yards. Satisfied, I take off to go enjoy my weekend away.

I sent an email on Saturday afternoon to check up on Luna, and promptly get a response with a photo of her, clearly loving life and super happy. Brilliant!

I get a call from Julian at 7:30am on Sunday morning- never a call you want to get from the person caring for your pup. He tells me that she cut her nose & he’s super apologetic, tells me she seems happy and unaware of it but he’s clearly horrified that a dog in his care has sustained an injury. He immediately offers to take her to the vet, but I’m like… a cut? Let me look at it first. I’m kind of in the “kids will be kids” camp if not reacting to bumps and bruises incurred during a day of hard play.

So, I arrive back into town later that day and pick Luna up. Her nose has a little slice on it, and while it’s not causing her any visible distress, the cut is in an awkward place that makes it a little more complicated than your run-of-the-mill scrape. I go home, bandage her up, and get her a night of good sleep.

The next day, I notice that the wound isn’t closing up like I’d expect, so I take Luna to the vet to check it out. She sends me to the ER for suchers. Nice.

So, I get a call back from Julian and he’s beyond apologetic. He calls the animal hospital I’m at and doesn’t let me pay anything out of pocket. I mean, he goes above and beyond to make it right. It was an accident, and accidents happen, but he insists on taking care of me and Luna. In a situation which could have been stressful and complex, I felt super supported.

So, thank you again Julian + team- Luna hopes to see you again soon!