Garin B.

We have been going to AlphaDog for a few years now and absolutely feel so confident knowing that our dog Brody is going to be cared for with love from the top of the line staff at AlphaDog.
Ashley has always been so welcoming and caring not only with our dog but every pooch that comes through the doors. That same customer service carries throughout the ENTIRE staff.

The real test though is when Brody knows that he is going to be staying there. When we approach the door he can’t wait to get through the door and hang out ! He literally pulls to the front gate.
We tried another kennel before we knew about AlphaDog and when we went back to that place Brody wanted to go the other way. He literally did not want to go through the door, so we turned around and never went back. We have been at AlphaDog ever since.
Peace of mind knowing that your Dog is being taken care of with kindness and love when you are out of town is the best and that is something that we always have when we drop Brody off.
We will continue to be long standing clients into the future.