What is AlphaDog University?

Our fantastic training team has come together with Mike Wombacher to create a program we call "ADU" (AlphaDog University)! Basic obedience work--such as 'sit', 'stay', 'heel'--is taught to your pooch in a tailored training routine through either our Board-n-Train program or our Daycare & Train program.



What is a Board-n-Train?

A fancy way to say your pup stays with us in our facility for a certain period of time as they work with the ADU team. Whether that's one week or more, we give your pooch special care during their trip to boarding school! They follow the same schedule as regular boarding dogs in terms of playtime outside on the yards during the day and lodging indoors at night, but they also get to partake in special training programs our regular guests don't!

For example, some of our best "students" go Off-Campus to train, at places like Crissy Field in San Francisco, to practice their studies in the real world. This is key to really nailing obedience work, as it offers lots of distractions. That doesn't mean everything is all work and no play though! Our team spends lots of time giving them all the snuggles and treats they could ever want. You'll see their excursions and playtime in videos and pictures sent daily by the ADU team too.

What is Daycare & Train?

Exactly the same as Board-n-Trains but instead of staying the night with us, your pup goes home with you at the end of the day!

How do I sign up?

Contact our Training Manager by emailing her at!


Half Day of Daycare & Train - $103 per day
Full Day of Daycare & Train - $160 per day

Half Day of Board-n-Train - $117 per night
Full Day of Board-n-Train - $178 per night