Puppy Playtime Program


Did someone say "Puppy Party"?

AlphaDog is very excited to announce that our University team is now hosting Puppy Playtimes!

Our puppy socialization program was created with the goal of introducing dogs under the age of four months to each other in a safe, supervised environment. The University team wants to stress the importance of socializing young puppies to dogs all of shapes and sizes! Being comfortable with various breeds and levels of energy is key to being a Good Dog down the road.  Having positive interactions with other dogs whilst still young is key to ensuring this, so our trained team members do their absolute best to make this happen!

In our specialized program, young Fido will have all the time they need to learn how to play well with other pups. Generally speaking, our puppies are together in one large group however we sometimes get Shy Guys, so a smaller group with one or two compatible playmates will be created until they feel more comfortable joining the others. Our goal is to keep them safe and happy! Making new friends at school can be hard and we completely understand that.

Every day your little one attends puppy school, you'll receive at least two videos from playtime. Showing their progress as well as seeing all their new friends is so much fun for pet parents!

If you're interested in joining, please email samantha@alphadoglodging.com.

Health Requirements

Every dog visiting AlphaDog is required to have updated vaccines and be in good health at all times. The base requirement for dogs 2 months and older is to have both the second boosters of both Distemper/Parvovirus vaccinations and the Bordatella vaccinations as well as a recent fecal test with negative results for Giardia and other parasites. Canine Influenza's first booster is  administered at 3 months of age. Rabies' first booster is administered at 4 months of age. We offer a discount and transportation service through our locally partnered Camino Alto Veterinary Hospital; please inquire via dogs@alphadoglodging.com for more information!


Full Day (4 hours or more)  - $46.00
Half Day (4 hours or less) - $36.00