Training Programs

AlphaDog University

A wonderful AlphaDog venture created in partnership with Mike Wombacher (a local, renown trainer) for you and your pooch to do some learning! Our program is anything like boring, regular boarding schools--yes, Fido will be studying new things, but they're also running and playing with "classmates" all day, getting snuggles from our "teachers", and even getting extra snacks! Pet parents receive daily updates from our University team (including pictures and/or videos) on their progress
as well as updates from the Lodging team if they sign up for the Pupdates Program. Each program is tailored to your pooch's individual needs, whether that be basic obedience training, service dog instruction, or more complicated behavioral modification training. We have both a Board-n-Train program for overnight stays and we have a Daycare-n-Train program for those who wish to have their pup spend the night at home with them instead!
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