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Mill Valley, CA 94941


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AlphaDog Lodging's spacious areas of pet turf grass yards provide a healthy, fun, and clean outdoor play environment. Our turf is easy on the paws and eliminates that crazy temptation of eating rocks or mulch, or rolling around in the mud. Both boarding and daycare pups also have warm, loving attention from round-the-clock AlphaDog Lodging staff!

AlphaDog Lodging uses biodegradable bags, nontoxic chemicals, is PG&E climate smart, and has turf that is recyclable and saves water.  Your dog will be part of an environmentally friendly family.

Your dog has close to 20 different yards to play on:

  • 5,000 square foot mixed size, calm yard
  • Small sized senior yard
  • Large size, high energy yards
  • Small and medium sized, high energy yards
  • Several small and medium sized private yards for special cases


Our experienced staff members get to know your dogs' individual personalities through our 4 hour assessment, determining which dogs they play with best and if they have any special needs or preferences. Each dog is evaluated individually (even from other family dogs) and is placed in play yards based on temperament, sociability, size, and age. Most dogs need breaks from play and will either rest outside or spend time in a spacious dog den with a cozy bed, heaters, shade, and fresh water.

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

While there is no place quite like home, it’s always great to see so many dogs excited and running toward their pals every time they visit. When you are traveling and your dog will be staying for an extended visit, they will have the same fun experience during the day and then be fed dinner and "tucked in" by our big-hearted 24 hour staff. Feel free to bring along crates, toys, and whatever else you think will help comfort your furry ones! We do supply kennels with runs as well as various sized crates, if you do not wish to bring anything. We feed breakfast at 6 AM before we open and dinner at 4 PM before we close every day.

If you would like to receive pictures during your dog's board, please email both your name and your dog's name to pupdates@alphadoglodging.com and he will happily spend some time photographing your pup! They are sent every three or so days into a dog's stay.

*See hour Pricing and Hours pages for more information.

We now only take reservation requests via email (dogs@alphadoglodging.com).