You love dogs and think working at AlphaDog Lodging might be fun?  It can be fun . . . but it's also a lot of work. You will get dirty, everyone picks up poop, cleans, and is expected to be completely engaged and focused during all working hours.

Supervising outdoor dog play can be CHALLENGING and REWARDING, as the safety and well being of the dogs are always first priority. Dogs can be cute and sweet, but they can also be a handful.

If you are a team player, reliable, fine with working holidays, have a lot of energy, are hardworking and gentle; we'd be happy to hear from you!

We are continually interested in interviewing qualified candidates to be part of the AlphaDog Lodging team.

The wages are competitive and full time employees are eligible for paid health insurance after 6 months of employment.

At different times, different positions are available, but may include:

  • Daytime taking care of the dogs
  • Overnight dog care / cleaning
  • Welcome Desk & Customer Service
  • Part time Formal Groomers